Utilize Balochistan Menials

 Utilize Balochistan menials

Balochistan is one of the most famous prudence in the world by it natural resources. Menial eradicates the people trouble, like has been providing gases, petrol, diesel, gold, silver oil, stead with much producing of land that have transforming to foreign countries.

Recently Nawaz Sharif has been ruling the state, who many countries desired whether they negotiated with him for the purpose of the involvement of Gwadar port project .According to graduates that every airplanes are travelled from one state to another over it or through it. Simple means Balochistan is the central place of the whole world.

In the nut shell, continue. I would like to request administrative of government that should utilize the menials of the land to make powerful the stand economy which through the Nation adversity will get finish such as poverty, termism, illiteracy, corruption, gust people unemployment expensiveness and etc. Thus I hope you will give a view image the country and get my point what I am screaming and our some honest leaders too.

By Sarfiraz Majeed

Balochistan Pakistan

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