Victimized Baloch

Victimized Baloch

Since Balochistan became the part of Pakistan has been included in ignored list until, in the main time didn’t removed his name from neglected list. Apart from this, in term of education academic institutions, elementary facilities, developmental deeds and each aspect that deserve it is victim of deprivation.

Government fascination goes to other three province direction but unfortunately didn’t return toward Balochistan direction. Hence, Pakistan totally economic condition connectivity belongs to Balochistan land. Today some painful thoughts are neck and crop bothering me to pick up the pen and write down some appropriate takes against Pakistanis injustice with Baloch.

Really, nowhere baloch students are allowing acquiring their fundamental rights even though in term of education they are left behind. Recently in Islamabad some Baloch including some phatans admission were stopped without having uncharted reason. Un doubt, by God grace in Balochistan different kinds of talented individuals are exists who can touch the highest summit, if a single support could pushed these at ahead. But regretfully in every accept and respect baloch are in backward. Thus, with my whole emotions I humbly request to the Government and current authorities that should pay little attention toward these necessitous baloch.

By Althaz sheer
Lahore Pakistan

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