Witness to History Book Review


The book which I have read which is full of information about history. It is describing easily that what did happen in ancient era. The book which gives you power of knowledge about past era and you can find these all things in this background knowledge. While I began to read the book then l have acknowledged countless massage of ancient era which I was not aware about that.

However, Witness to History and the writer of this book Dr.Mubarak Ali. He has done his Ph.D. in History and he is from India. Rather he has written enormous books which are totally debating about history of India and British. Actually his books make you strong that you can learn many famous personality biographies such as Akbar, Aristotle, Arugzaib and many more popular person which are alive in present.

Moreover, there is a great point that World War Two which is discussing about heroes of World War Two who were martyred their lives of motherland. I was unaware about this fight while I read this book in the middle of this l learned a page I became knowledge that what did occur in World War Two. It is well-known fact that history is my teacher who reaches us for today and tomorrow. I am most respectful with writer of this book who is crystallizing about the history.

Meanwhile, this book which is combined more then fifty simple chapters which are very common to figure out them. It is well understandable that one side which is teaching us about Muslim and Hindus religious how they came in subcontinent. It is well-clarifying that Muslim religion who came from Arabs traders who migrated one country to other countries.

Passage of time they settled in subcontinent and they became nationalism. But ironically the relationship of Muslim and Hindus were not good because they had fought with together. When British and English come then they solved their submission. Hindu who had learned English language and they fulfilled their rights now they are surviving their lives happily. I would like to draw two chapters of this book.

Firstly, cry freedom the Roman society had a large slave population because of the defeated people who were captured in wars and sold as slaves in the market. Among if them some of them who were involved in freedom fighters due to their struggled they conquered their country which was captured from country. As long time they struggled then passage of time they have gotten freedom.

Secondly, knowledge in par in this chapter it is mentioning that education system was drastic due to lack of pitiable facilities which their children’s fulfilled their fundamentalist rights. Because their children’s were bounded in church school where they didn’t acquire well education.

At last I am very proud that we are getting many things from reading books in past era and also we are knowing their culture and their living style.

By Chakar Shahdad
Balochistan Pakistan

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