Wrong Number

Wrong Number

Don’t know why, but I think with all of this wondrous technology that has developed over the years – particularly within the world of cell phones – why is it that people still dial wrong numbers? I know it’s a simple mistake, but for some reason feel as though dialing the wrong number is a problem associated with technology of yesteryear.

Mostly wrong number try to irritate the next people, but nowadays wrong numbers started blackmailing on phone which is a very common issue in Pakistan. If we talk about blackmailing, then blackmailing is a crime and it should be approach the law of enforcement.

Tort law is available in all countries, but unfortunately in Pakistan tort law is not strong enough to take legal actions on such common issues, as well as public see that blackmailing on phone is a very common issue that’s why they never go for using the wrong numbers on courts.

my purpose of discussing on this issue is to make them aware that there are such laws by which you can solve such common problems.  Always try to follow the law rules and regulations to stop such crimes.

Law believes that delay defeats the equity, and blackmailing is not a small issue, it is considered a big issue because sometimes it compels us to commit suicide. Please take this issue in a serious way to stop phone blackmailers.

By Shima Sabir

Balochistan Pakistan

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