A Craftsman Never Goes Waste

A Craftsman Never Goes Waste

At the morning, Sakhi got up and went to bazaar for doing any kind of work where he could get money, but he didn’t get any work there, so came back to home with sad face. Actually, when Sakhi saw his mother like in bad condition became very cheerless, because his mother was suffering from blood cancer and needs to be treated. However, he doesn’t have any single amount of money to treat his mother in hospital; he came in thinking process that his father pop off when he was 8 years old after his mother worked as a house worker in rich people’s house. Unexpectedly, she became sick and can’t work, as after Sakhi came out from his deep thinking. However, he was having a wonderful craft to art, but it was invaluable in front of his society members.

Thereupon, at the timing of night, he thought about to do robbery in someone’s home. On target he reached a rich person’s house, and went in, as he saw a cupboard and open it; he got jewelries and money so took those, and came out from there. Suddenly, the watchman caught him and was taken to prison, for 30 days he was in jail. After all, when he was left, came back to home. However, his mother was in serious condition that if she will not be taken to hospital, she could get die. Suddenly, foreign art specialist came for taking a test of art, overall the province. All the same, he went for giving the test, ergo he reached there, and everyone laugh upon his shabby clothes and torn shoes, but he controls himself and gave the test with all heartedly, after it he went to home.

So further, when result came Sakhi Dad was selected from overall province. Excitedly, he got the best prize of art competition and the foreign art specialist were impressed upon him and they offered him to come with them in London, by listening this Sakhi was so excited and he accept to go with them in London. Surely, the poorest life of Sakhi changed into an amazing life and also his mother was treated in London’s hospital. Sakhi with his new life was very happy. Crafts never let you be fallen on the roads, as a bigger.

By Allahyar Muhammad Yaqoob

Balochistan Pakistan

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