Alcohol and smoking

Alcohol and smoking

According to the U.S Surgeon General’s report, ninety percent of people become smokers and drinkers by the age of eighteen. I have noticed that in some countries drinking and smoking become the motive of them. If one day they don’t drink, they feel something went wrong. But, unfortunately nowadays it is becoming rampant and tradition in Pakistan that drinking and smoking every day.

These alcohol diminishing the lives of young people. If someone asks to them why they consume alcohol or smoke, they will give you several reasons, such as, to forget problems, to relax, to experiment, to impress others, to be fashionable, to celebrate and to have fun. A part from this, without alcohol the new generations would not be ready to do a party with friends.

I am amazed drinking and smoking rapidly increasing in Pakistan which is one of the Islamic states. I humbly request to government which takes a solid action to stop this in complete Pakistan that damaging the lives of new generations.

By Waseem Murad 

Balochistan Pakistan

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