Blending food in Pakistan

Blending food in Pakistan

Blending food is one of the major cause of creating different diseases, due to these diseases people can lose their lives. Due to this one month thousands of people die or suffer from diseases. Making the hens big they use hormone vaccines, making the melons sweetness they will take colours inserted in them, for heavier the garlic mixed them with acid. Even though they use oxytocin making the vegetables perfect, according to doctors it only use the case of delivery, due to this people will suffer from deferent disease such is stomachic even though due to this cancer will come.

Even though they are selling the donkeys meats in hotels, in place of living animals they are selling death animals meats. They mixing the cars oils in food oils making the samosa and another things. Due to these kinds of things from cancer, high blood pressure, stomachic, heart disease and many more. I want to request government kindly take serious action on this issue.

By  Imtiaz Ahmad
Balochistan Pakistan
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