Careless of health

Careless of health

Aslam was happy in the night that morning new year will start. His mother called her excitedly, namely Aslam come dear chum take dinner. Aslam replied, Mom I am not hungry. Mom asked me did you eat somewhere. No, but I don’t want to eat.  He always eat samosas in evening nearest canteen. Nazia shouted Aslam said, because of happiness, I don’t need to eat. Mom asked him, what kind of happiness you have gotten. He said, because of new year celebration. Mom suggested him, for a happiness or sadness don’t destroy your health. He went in bedroom sleeping but he couldn’t get sleep.

All night he thought how can I celebrate the new. He woke up early in the morning. The all family members slept. Urgently he took bath and ready to go to school. While his mother saw him. Surprisingly, see called Aslam. Are you fine?

Yeah mom,  Why did you get up? In our school today new year celebration was conducted. Also, take your small brother in school.  No no no,  mum I am hurry. I have to go first because the celebration all responsibility on my shoulder. She has refused to accept my word. Dear, you didn’t take dinner last night and now you are skipping the breakfast. Dear chum, breakfast needs energy to work properly throughout the day. Don’t destroy your health for a happiness. Be patentable and healthier. ”Health is wealth” Because without it you can not able to enjoy. Unfortunately, Aslam did not lessen his mother’s beautiful word. He reached at 7:00 o’clock in school. There were no one present. He started arrangement of program. While the students and teachers came he tired a lot. But he was looking too angry and weak because of his friends not coming early in the school. He has done the work, so that’s why, he was unable to stand.

He sat in the corner of program. While the program was ready to start he became unconscious. Students and teachers hie for helping him. Urgently, principal called the ambulance driver, ambulance came and took him to hospital with his English teacher and his friend Hameed. Dr suggested that he has lower tension he needs sodium glucose. He was not conscious while his mother came and said he has not eaten anything till last night. She replied surprisingly.  Therefore, he is unconscious. Dr said.

After half an hour he came conscious. Dr understood Aslam, during the course of Your everyday life that includes school, homework test and a hundred other activities and also in trying to maintain different relationships, most of us compromise our health. So like you that you forgotten to have your dinner and breakfast for celebrating of new year. Also English teacher suggested him, don’t only celebrate the new year you have to take some new changes for you and for your country be motivate yourself, by yourself. And end the year proud of yourself. Say I have done very well for me and my country. After their admonition, he realized his mistake. He never forgets to have lunch and dinner. At last he said without health we all don’t able to do something also he helped those people who were deprived from food.

By Saleem Noor 

Balochistan Pakistan

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