Closed internet 

Closed internet 

As a reason in today’s world internet is playing a huge role in every field of success but unfortunately, people of Turbat who are suffering from lack of internet. Turbat is considered as a big city lots of province of Balochistan. In addition to, Turbat is moving towards the success in the way of education.

Certainly, being a student it makes me that we don’t have these facilities. Now the world is as developed as everywhere 5G is available but in Turbat 2G has become a dream for people. People of Turbat now have become hopeless and accept nothing from their government.

Consequently, it was believed that Warid 4G is going to reopen in October but drastically today three months have passed that is still it is lost. Afterwards, I request to the main authority to pay careful attention on it in order that it should a source of pleasure of costumers.

By Sarfraz Ahmad

Balochistan Pakistan

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