CPEC China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

CPEC China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

Gwadar owns most deep sea in the region because of it; Gwadar is center of attention of world. China Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC) is result of it and. Such seas are major role players in economic trade and strategic context, Gwadar in the history has been sold out in hands of Oman and now when we judge the nature and features of CPEC we come to a conclusion it is not an agreement rather is an offer if only Pakistan get 9% of income out of hundred. China is going to loss nothing to fulfill its historical hundreds of years old dream “one belt one road” which only doesn’t bring internal prosperity in republic of China also adds crucial features in soft power of China which can’t be eradicated easily. And also China is intended to minus influence of United States from this region South Asia and South Asia to Africa through one belt one road.

Absolutely no doubt Such heavy economic agreements can bring state from down to up, if we observe the nature and timeline of  CPEC the time in which US and China are in cut-throat rift in this region, that can bring Pakistan in a jeopardized condition because Pakistan has been the key ally of United States throughout history. Pakistan also had/ faced sanctions imposed by the United States whenever it felt any unrest or lack of interest from Pakistan, the recent response by Mr. Donald Trump regime in context of South Asian policy is obviously negative.

Rift between United States and China now rift between United States and Pakistan is a beautiful theme for India, India is so clever and tasting full advantages of this situation, CPEC is the project which obviously brings economic prosperity and consolidates position of Pakistan internally and externally this is very worthy to having a closed partnership with you can say that a superpower. There are consequences and obstacles But Pakistan needs to be very conscious diplomatically and specially internally own nation must be taken in account and benefited from this project specially Baloch nation and people of Balochistan must be benefited which can bring decrease in insurgency, obviously there are alive symbols of deprivation in Balochistan throughout history but no more.

Authoritarians declare Gawar tiger of Asia and tomorrow’s Singapore. But people of Gwadar are prostrating every drop of water for survive as in ground of Karbala faced by Imam Hussain and lovers of prophet October 10   (10 Muharram) 680 AD at the bank of Euphrates river. No conscience believes in means of progress and importance of CPEC unless Gawadar is provided basic facilities especially just water for drinking. Recently some packages have been invited and term of equalization was used as for as ground realities are concerned there must be alive and visible symbols of socio-economic justice and equalization as there are alive symbols of deprivation.

By Noor Jan 
Karachi Pakistan

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