Cruelty to Animals

Cruelty to Animals

CrueThere is no need to say that many people show cruelty to animals. They do not like animals. In fact, hey always beat animals and don’t give grass. Furthermore, they just give water and tease animals a lot. Even they do not deserve to be a human being. No doubt, Cruelty is shown only by the Savage, because they have not learned anything, their minds have not grown fully.

On the other hand, when a person is kind to the animals then automatically animals show their love for him/her in return. And also kind treatment makes animals for more useful.
Even the so called dangerous wild creature like, ‘Tigers, wolves, snakes and king cobra world biggest snakes are not really dangerous they attack humans only when they are threatened or avoid disturbing them.As a result, all living things have an important role in the universe. So “they should not be killed needlessly’.

By Noor Bakhsh

Balochistan Pakistan

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