Failure The Corner To Success

Failure The Corner To Success

Everyone is running behind success, success, success but on the way when hardships are seen so they do quit. I had observed most among us jitters to struggle. And this is the law of nature one who bears struggle will get its fruit, one who escapes from struggle remains same as before. Success is talk of each individuals mouth but not struggle, and luckily success doesn’t except those. For success we have to face failure because with failure we will prevent, as we did before, with each failure we couldn’t retreat same mischief, we shall learn new lesson including patterns of new brand. The biggest winners are those who had ever failed. Getting easy win may not satisfy us as genuine joy would. Tom Watson Sr of IBM said, “if you want to succeed, double your failure rate”.

By consulting history, all success stories are also known stories of great failure. An intellectual said, “never reads success stories, read failure stories because they will teach how to success”. There was a man who failed in business twenty-one after each failure he tried, and for struggle of 31 years he succeed did you recognized him? He was president of US Abraham Lincoln. If he would have quit so today world may not know him. People had tried more than 100 times. How many of us quit after 3, 10,100 tries then we exclaim we tried hard as we could. A young boy Walt Disney faced many rejections from newspaper editors who said him day a minister at a church hired him to draw some cartoons. He was working out of a small rodent infested shed near a church. Seeing small mouse inspired him to draw a new cartoon. There are gazillions of other certain examples confirm that success is not the absence of failure. Successful people don’t do great things, they just perform tiny activities is a great manner. Thomas Edison, who had only three months in school, he is known because of his struggle individually.

Thomas Edison failed approximately 10,000 times when his efforts were maintained to invent bulb. Henry Ford was broke at the age of forty. Lee Laccocca was fired by Henry Ford 2 at the age of fifty four. Young age to adulthood Abraham Lincoln struggle for 31 years. Beethoven was also exclaimed ad non talented in music, and he had provided best music to world. Inspecting all examples mentioned above we can prompt to struggle. Human beings can be called as example of butterfly which is inserted naturally in shape of caterpillar until butterfly would struggle to get rid of cocoon, but no one should help it. Law of nature determines the struggle in cocoon actually assists to progress and strengthens butterfly’s wings. We can apply same in our lives as we struggle that increase our winning power and promote us to win against opposition.

Failing and getting optimistic by each one is too complicated. But if one step positive intent so we would try. We can create optimism by altering our thinking into “yes”. Always wish better from next effort and think genuine thoughts because all such acts depend upon pondering. Trust on yourself it is the essential requirement. Henry Ford said,” if you think you can, you can but if you think you can’t than you can’t”. Struggle and try for your ability in which you are expert never do various things concentrate your concentration over destination. And don’t afraid to fail because failure is the corner to success.

By Khudadad Nazar

Balochistan Pakistan 

No: 1 Motivational Book

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