Failure is not enough

Failure is not enough

It is a well-known fact that failure is the first attempt to accomplish our dream. When Mumtaz failed his math paper in the class of seven but it is misfortune that Mumtaz was feeling disappointed. Despite to his friend was straggling to motivate him but he did not focus anyone to discuss his paper which was discomfited his destination. However, passage of time he came at home with unhappily and direct went his room. His mother who was watching this show which was taking her eyes witnessed. She went his room to acknowledge the reason. Mumtaz was sitting in front of window on chair.

Meanwhile, she said to him beloved son why you are frustrated which you’re face color is completely change enough. When Mumtaz responded nothing happened with me just today I am not feeling goodliest. His replied don’t till lie with me till me reality. Mumtaz answered depressingly “Mummy” I have failed my math paper due to this l am feeling unpleasant. But his lovely mother joyfully explained that it is not a puzzling that you are not achieved your vision. My son does not be discouraged because life which is full of opportunities which we again start work strongly to success our target.

Moreover, enormous of people were there but still their names are alive and numberless people have defaulted their goals. But they did not abandon their dreams. In fact, they wanted to fulfill their dreams. Among of them Thomas Edison who was tried to fail but he did leave his target and he failed more than 10,000 times but he did leave that deed which he wanted to discover. After passage of time he has invented the light bulb when people had asked him about his failure the he said them “I never failed even once ,I became successful in knowing how not to make the light bulb in these 10,000 ways.

Similarly, every time you will fall or fail you will learn new things. The right way is to accept failure then stand up and remember failure leads you towards success. Furthermore, his mother has made Mumtaz watch the helpless butterfly who was tried to fly but unfortunately fill down and it attempted lots of power but it did not get achieve but it did not give up. It does not matter that it failed because success comes from failure don’t face disapprove rather stand energetically firm and believe yourself that I can do it.

No matter that you are failed math paper because it is giving a new chance to fly colours. Don’t be frustrated start study today then you can reach your goal. It is a time that put your hard efforts to hard work inshallah you will arrive your vision and none of them stop you to get your desire. Finally, Mumtaz cheerfully said that “Mummy “thanks a lot that you have taught me a great lesson to read more and more. When Mumtaz mid-year papers are being started then Mumtaz prepared strongly and he has given his subjects paper fantastically. After a week when his result came Mumtaz who has gotten the first award then Mumtaz felt over happy.

Don’t take in your mind that I fail just you said I can do it. There has a nice quoted that “Struggle is the father of success “.

By Chakar Shahdad

Balochistan Pakistan

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