Females need education

Females need education

Education is the pressing need of everyone, females are one half of our total population. If females remain illiterate, no nation can develop, without help of females the nation can’t progress, so females education is must in our country. But unfortunately, today we can see that in our country 89% educated people are male and just 11% are females because of not giving value or not focusing to female’s education. Just male can’t do everything.

We should observe the past of America, he was also same condition as we are today but now we can see that he is the superpower country in the world because of providing education to male and female both and he consider both equal so he is no 1st position in all over the world today. I would like to request the government of our country, please provide education to females also and they are part of our beautiful country.

By Imtiaz Ali

Balochistan Pakistan

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