Food crisis in Pakistan

Food crisis in Pakistan

It is an infectious fact that in Pakistan enormous people who are surviving their lives but it is misfortune that they don’t have three times of nutrients. Because without feed it is hefty that we live common in entire universal. Moreover, each year countless poor who are suffering from lack of food due to their three-time lives have been disturbing. The reason of that they are acquiring food.

It is clear fact that food is the basic amenities for surviving but shockingly due to the shopkeepers who are purchasing such a large amount that poor people can’t afford to buy it. Due to this our less populations are being decreased due to poverty which is multidimensional problems in this universe. Malnutrition is taking place very sharply in Pakistan. Thus the government must provide food those people who are poor and eradicate malnutrition in the country and poverty will be diminished as soon as soonest.

By Chakar Baloch

Balochistan Pakistan

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