Global warming

Global warming

Global warming is one of the major issues that we are dealing with it and by this, we can say that word global warming is called the increase the temperature of the complete Globe. Moreover, as we know that back centuries people operated their machines by hand or with the help of animals so that time situation were good, but however this situation begin to change by 1800 AD. By that time many new machines were invented in America and Europe and these new machines did more work than the old ones, but they could not be use without fuel.

Apart from this, at first people were not aware that CO2 carbon dioxide is produced when fuel is burned. Likewise, Svante Arrhenius, a Swedish chemist observed that the use of new machines were producing more CO2. He predicted that the world will hotter in the next century. But, at first nobody listened to him. Soon the temperature of the world begin then they become to know. Furthermore, 1990 it had become so hot that the United Nations organization asked 300 scientists to research on it.

The scientists reported that by the year 2020 AD the world would be 1.3c warmer than now, and 3c warmer by 2070 AD. If this will be there when the ice at the North Pole and South Pole will meet and there will be more water in oceans. Many countries will destroy also the world will be so hot that people of many places will find it difficult to live. Apart from this, these gases are emitted from motorcycles, factories, air conditions and many kinds of sprays containing CFCS. Today many people and organizations throughout the world are working to save the environment.

By Sanagul Noor
Balochistan Pakistan
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