Human smugglers

Human smugglers

Pakistan is one the top country regarding education, sports, export, and import. But with great sorrows, I have to mention that poverty is increasing in Pakistan in very large amount. Even in Pakistan organ trade and human smuggling is very common. Mostly, in Punjab Gujarat and other near areas of Gujarat human smugglers are doing human smuggling.

According to a report, nearly 18 thousand people are being send in an illegal way to other countries like Greek, Spain, Iran, Italy and etc. by human smugglers, but among them just 2 percent are successful regarding their Jobs while others 98 Percent are being killed and their organs are being. Sold as well some are being kidnapped and their families are blackmailed to send a huge amount of money.

It is really dangerous for our youth, their lives are being destroyed. So, it is my request to our Pakistan army to take a big action in Pakistan against human smugglers and solve the problem soon.

By Zakira Alijan

Balochistan Pakistan

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