No Pain No Gain

No Pain No Gain

Life is the name of sorrows and pleasures. Once, there were two friends lived in hostel of a university. They were too much glad with each other’s and usually shared their joys and distress with one another. Noroz was more intelligent than shay. He always works hard to get the top position his class but shay wasn’t have interest to attend his classes. However, Noroz was just one of those friends who always suggested shay to focus on reading.

Noroz said to shay “hay! Friend today do you sensitive what assignment sir has provided to you” no bosom what he has given replied by shay. Oh shut! My pal he has assigned each students to do their research. Really, said by shay, he became too much worried what would he do. Shay said to Noroz “I can’t do anything I haven’t interest to join my class and how I can do the assignment? Additionally, the tasks were done by every students but shay was failed to complete the task and became fail to fulfill it.

The result got fixed he was fail and became sad what he would do and how to answer towards his parents as well Noroz was the topper in his class his friend shay was shameful regard this. Briefly, Noroz came to astonishment his bosom but he was unhappily to reply him. What happened to you my pal supposed by Noroz? He said with tears eyes what I have done wasn’t good to me and for my parents. I haven’t worked hard and wasn’t serious with my class said by shay. His friend Noroz suggested him what you done that has gone but till todays you should get up with great hopes and show seriousness that you have capacity to achieve the highest marks in your class.

He became impressed by his thought and huge him and said I will show I am able I can. Likewise, after in a long period, the test had been conducted every one was well prepared regard their class assignments shay was too. At was high time for each students were sitting on their chairs and were giving their papers. They have composed their papers and were waiting for the result of their performances. The next day result was fixed outside on the board of university hall shay quickly went their too have a look towards his result. But he was with sad heart what he has performed good marks or not.

Shay saw his result and became excessively shocked being the topper students in his class. He hasn’t believed that he has gotten this position this day was the marvelous day for his and he briefly went towards his friend Noroz and said I have gotten the toper position in my class. Noroz said happily that I had said you if you work hard then one day you would get the fruits of it. Today you have shown that you have ability to do each and every thing. Sincerely, Allah the almighty has promised that if any one moves their hand that will get the fruits of tree.

By Nisar Ahmed

Balochistan Pakistan


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