Reading Books

Reading Books

Books are said to be big ocean of knowledge from the ancient era but in recent days the young ones are far away from books. One of the strongest reasons for this thing is the new gadgets have captured the poor minded people minds just due to some features in them most of the humans waste their time using gadgets which is just wastages of time.

However, if the same time humans spend in reading books. It would be more beneficial for them since the food for mind is only reading books which enable the mind to think and create new ideas. It is true that, the richest men on this world read book on daily basis, do you know why? Because they have got the answer that the only thing in this world to make yourself a man of all times is to study written materials. Moreover, it has been noticed that Bill Gates reads two books a week and he writes their reviews and uploads them in his website gates notes, not just Gate in this global village all successful people believe in constant learning.

They say humans should never stop getting knowledge till they meet the maker. Thus, in this modern world to handle all sorts of hardships and hurdles it is necessary to read books and I want to forward this idea to all citizens that kindly spend a little time to grasp books and enhance your knowledge.

By Sabir K.B

Balochistan Pakistan

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