SOLD Book Review

SOLD Book Review

Sold is a novel book. It is full of tears. It is real story. In this book there are two main actors named Zana means the writer and with her younger sisters Nadia. They were the citizens of England but her father sold them to a businessman in Yemen. The passed a very difficult life. After this book she wrote a book and given the name of (A promise to Nadia).

At the childhood they lived happily with their family. They always went to school, parties, out of the home with their friends. But their father did not like that her daughters must goes with other friends out of the home. He wanted that her daughters should sit at home as well they had an uncle, he always came to their father home and said to their father that “one day Zana and Nadia will black your face and they will do desirable activities’’

Her father had a friend named Abdul Khuda and he was a businessman and belongs to Yemen. He always came to home talked to their father about business. So their father and uncle had a planning. Her father said to her daughters that “had a visit in Yemen with Abdul Khuda” it was good news for them that they are going for a tour in Yemen. Finally, Zana became ready to go at first in Yemen. She started preparing herself. The weather was very cold time. After two days she became ready and went to Yemen by aeroplane. Her mom went and dropped her at airport at morning. And aeroplane started running towards Yemen.

The aeroplane dropped down in Yemen. It was the first time Zana saw a place. People go a long distance for water to drink, making food even for making houses. Women were cowards completely with. The roads were broken even there were not good man. At was too much difficult to pass life. But Zana thought that “I am here just for holidays and after that I will be going back.

They reached house the homes were too much small and Abdul Khuda showed a home for Zana. The home was as smaller as she opens her hand she can touch the four walls. One day Zana was sitting at the door and seeing the natural beauty of the village one of girl pointed to a man and said to Zana that “he is your husband” at that time Zana thought that she was joking to me but it was a reality. After some days they start forcing Zana to sleep with Abdullah. Abdullah was not a strong boy he always became ill. But they forced Zana to sleep with him. She was alone so she expected to sleep with her.
After sleeping with Abdullah the forced Zana to became Yemeni woman. They always beat him and take much of work from her.

Long time went one of Yemeni woman came and talk to Zana that your younger sister Nadia is facing same kinds of problems in Gawad home. Gawad and Abdul Khuda were two brother and friends of Zana and Nadia father. After listing those words Zana told her husband to take her Gawad home. Her husband Abdullah tokens her and went to Nadia home. They met each other and started crying, after a long time crying they became down and went home and talk about her life story. Nadia told to Zana that “our father SOLD us for £ 1,300.

They always met each other and talked about how to become free. In the same way, they forced Nadia to married with Mohammed. Mohammed was a good boy and he was better than Abdullah who was so called husband of Zana. After talking a lot they thought that wrote a letter and sent at for mother with Gawad, but unfortunately her father Muhsen got the letter.

After some days Abdullah who was so called husband of Zana became ill. Doctor said that please take him in England and show him to a good doctor. Abdul Khuda takes him and went to England. After a long time Abdul Khuda came back at home in Yemen but Abdullah was not with him. Doctor said that he must sit at home for 9 months for treatment.
After 9 months he came back in Yemen he was somehow strong and fat. Her family members washed that now Abdullah is fine and he would be able to make the Zana Pregnant. Zana became pregnant imminently in 1985.

Zana and Nadia mother taught that now almost five years ago and my daughters not came back. Something has happened with them. She decided to visit her daughters and she went to Yemen. She met Zana at first and sent someone to bring her daughter Nadia. She came and they carried each other and talked about their life which was happened with her. They said to her mom that father SOLD us for just £1,300. At that time, Nadia had two children.

She stays there for some days and went back to England. She talked about her children in front of media. After some days one article got published in newspaper. Governor sent a commander for investigation in Yemen. Abdullah and Mohammed who were so called husband of Zana and Nadia told to them to go the city of Yemen together. But without sons because you guys will be back after one day. It after back 6 years to Nadia and Zana traveling each other by car. At the afternoon the car arrived at the city and car stop in front of a gate, one of policeman opened the gate and talked with driver and they sent Zana and Nadia a beautiful building. It was the first time they were seeing such kind of place after a long time. After two days children were brought with Abdullah and Zana. It was more comfortable for them living with their kids.

However, everyday new women came to see them and talked their life, even some liners carried. They were called at governor building with their husband and Children. They shared their story which was happened with them last 6 years. After asking many questions Governor given a statement that ” if you want to go in England than you both have to left your children here with their fathers” Zana and Nadia shouted a lot and governor changed the statement and told them “ok you will be going back to England but your father need to sign the papers.

After some days a passport came it was just Zana passport she needed to left her child and husband with Nadia. Nadia told to him “please go I will take care of your child” And also zana promised to Nadia that I will be back you at home. It was now 7 years going to Nadia and Zana leaving in Yemen. She went to England by an aeroplane once again. Everyone came and sees her in her England home after a long time back in Yemen. They celebrated everyday parties. But Zana could not forget her words. She takes one of her family members and went to father. Zane thanks to her father for giving such kind of lesson but by heart she hated him. She pleased to her father to sign Nadia paper but he did not want.

One English boy like Zana and married with her. His name was jammy. He allowed her to do anything for your sister. Passing a long time in England, She saw one of Yemeni woman and talked about her sister and kids. She told to Zana that “Zane and kids went back in village” it was a worst news for Zana but she thought that I can’t do anything.

She takes a pen and started writing a book by the help of Andrew Crofts. Zana takes 3 days to share her story to Andrew Crofts. But at last she wrote a book and given the name of SOLD and it got published in England and after it was translated into 16 languages. After publishing this book Zana was called in every kinds of party. And she wanted to visit her sister and kids. She takes her passport and went back to Yemen for a visit. She met with her sister but Gawad not let her son to meet with her. She was having a baby. After some days she came back in England.

After publishing this book she wrote another book and given the name of (A promise to Nadia)
Book Written by (Zana Muhsen with the help of Andrew Crofts)

By Dolat Khan

Balochistan Pakistan

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