Story The Honest Boy

Story The Honest Boy

Zubair was a young boy and his father was a doctor whatever he wanted directly got by his parents. He was quite a pampered son. Apart from this,  Zubair was a bright student and good at studies. He did work neatly and was always polite and helpful to everybody, but his Math teacher did feel that Zubair was a little pampered. Most interestingly, he always managed to get whatever he liked. If he happened to like somebody’s something, he was quick to give one of his own things to get that thing. But one day Zubair realised his mistake he learnt to be happy with whatever he had.

It so happened that one morning when Zubair entered the class,  all the students were gathered around Sabir. Everybody was admiring his new watch. Zubair also saw the watch it looked beautiful and wore the watch it was heart touching. As the children were admiring the watch,  the bell rang and everybody rushed downstairs, for the assembly. Then, Zubair quickly took out and put the watch in the Sabir’s bag. While the students were making their lines for the assembly,  their teacher called Zubair and asked him to bring a chair for lame student from the classroom.

When Zubair entered the class, he could not stop himself from peeping into Sabir’s bag. He took out the watch to see it once more. He wanted that watch badly. Just then he heard footsteps. In a hurry,  he quickly put the watch in his pocket. Turning around, he saw Shahnawaz entering the class. He had come back because he was not feeling well. Zubair hurriedly took the chair on hands and the watch in the pocket. After the assembly when everybody settled down,  Sabir started searching for his watch. He told the class teacher that his watch was missing.

Their teacher Mr Imtiaz wanted to know who was in the class during the assembly. Shahnawaz was called and Mr Imtiaz searched his bag but could not find the watch. He scolded Shahnawaz for stealing. Poor Shahnawaz!  He started crying. Zubair was too afraid to get up and give the watch to Sabir. Mr Imtiaz gave Shahnawaz a day’s time to tell the truth. Now, Zubair was a very sensitive child. He spent the night tossing and turning  in bed. He could not sleep and the watch was still hidden under his pillow.

He looked at it again, for the hundredth time!  The watch no longer looked beautiful to him. He could not forget Shahnawaz’s face when Mr Imtiaz had accused him. He felt bad. Shahnawaz had been scolded for no fault of him.  She decided that she would keep the watch back in Sabir’s bag the next morning. Next day, when Zubair reached school, he saw Shahnawaz sitting alone in the class. He was very sad. ” don’t worry. Maybe somebody will keep the watch back today, he tried to comfort Shahnawaz, “but everybody will think that I have kept it back,” Shahnawaz replied sadly. The bell rang and class started. When Mr Imtiaz entered the class,  he called Shahnawaz. Before Shahnawaz could get up,  Zubair got up. ” sir the watch is with me.

I was looking at it yesterday when suddenly Shahnawaz entered the class and without thinking I put it in my pocket. I was afraid to tell us when you were scolding Shahnawaz. I am very sorry. I will never do it again.” Everybody was surprised and Mr Imtiaz was the first one to speak ” Zubair you are brave and honest boy.  You have told the truth in front of the class. We all make mistakes but we are always afraid to admit them. Say sorry to Shahnawaz,  it was because of you that he was scolded and make a promise that you will never do something like this again. Saying this says take out the books and Zubair had learnt lesson for his mistake.

By Waseem Murad

Balochistan Pakistan

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