Struggle is The Key of Success

Struggle is the key of success

We all know that life means ups and down. But every individual has a commitment and intention to be success in this competition world .so for this purpose hard work is too necessary for the purpose hard work is too necessary in the victory. but most of the people think that success comes from luck, bat reality it wrong, they are building their future gloomy.  Because, by sitting at the home without working hard, it is not possible to get success need more efforts to be brought.

We all are agree and our parents always motivate and suggest us that, when you work heard you will reach your bright future in your lives. because, in today’s  fast-growing competitive world, every individual wants to be famous and good personality, address and writer, than one present position is just too hard work. Furthermore, every gold and medal and Nobel Prize are the fields of knowledge is only due to hard work. Lack do nothing, by the misconception of people by sitting at home doing nothing success come automatically is wrong, yeah, success comes from lack but in completely true sometime that most perspective is working hard to be success.

Hard work never goes wasted.As sooner or faster success comes. If we gave a short glance over toward great personality such, Albert Einstein and Ibrahim Lincoln 16th president of America. All had struggled throughout their lives.

Additionally, people do not think for their good future, because they extremely understand the success is just by good lack. But good lack does our concert should be clear, hard work is the key to success and will lead toward a successful life.

By Hameedullah

Balochistan Pakistan

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