Using Scientific Methods

Using scientific methods

It is too much famous to mention that scientists have generated a lot of method for human being that they should live their lives in a good way. Moreover, as we can see the past history that how were the situation of that time and there were no any good facilities that time and can live a comfortable life. But now we can see how many changes came in this globe and the most important ones is “The better control of diseases. If someone had been two hundred years ago, someone would have had about one chance in eight of living to be one year old.

In other words, in those days about seven out of eight babies died before reaching their first birthday. And on that time mostly people became the victim of different diseases such as smallpox, measles, whooping cough, scarlet fever diphtheria, yellow fever, malaria typhus, cholera, typhoid fever, and watch .That time life was most uncertain. A person who lived to be more than thirty years of age they were indeed fortunate. But, today we can see that due to science how this world, today babies are born in hospital is. Where there is little likelihood of their getting a disease and young people are treated to protect them against such fibrous diseases and also today seventy years old.

These changes have been made possible by us of scientific methods to solve such problems as the causes of disease and if prevention .Furthermore, the better sanitary condition also got change. It is too much difficult to imagine that sanitary conditions on that time was the worst .That time all due to thins were openly thrown and animals wondered through the streets feeding up on the garbage and outdoor toilets were summon and many of them situated where human wastes drained into wells from which people obtained drinking water. But today our city streets are paved and well drained and they are cleaned regularly, it is the now against of law to throw garbage in the streets and because of the suing of this that also we got and getting pure water as it is the basic need for humans being and also we got a great environment.

On the other hand, also we got more food and better food, many changes have taken place too, in our eating habits through use to science we have learned that it is healthful to eat many kind of food, and now any kind of food or fresh thing easily we can get in any seasons. But on that time it is not so, that past people didn’t get such fresh food and they were not that much healthy in a good way. So, now we can see that how our lives get changed just because of using the scientific methods.

By Sanagul Noor

Balochistan Pakistan

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