When a Person Really Desires Something

When a Person Really Desires Something

 When the summer vacation ended, one of my chummy chums, Sidra was in her own village and Zakia called her to come at Turbat for continuing her education. But Sidra was enjoying her village with her classmates.Sidra asked her, ” when do take admission in college? ” I will take admission whenever you come here because without you I cannot take admission,” said Zakia.They were taking about the education and making the planning to take admission in F.Sc choosing the medical subjects, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

But later on, Sidra denied to take the admission in science, because she was interested in arts. Her friend forced Sidra to take admission in science but she didn’t agree. Because she wanted to study those subjects which she desired from her childhood.” You shouldn’t take admission in arts because our whole class follows have taken admission in science, there we will have fun and will enjoy,” said Zakia. But still, Sidra did not agree on Zakia’s points. Zakia, scolded her by saying,”Nowadays most of the jobs are related to science if you will oft arts then you will be jobless in your entire life” That’s okay but let me ask my previous teachers, what will they suggest me?” Said Sidra.

When Sidra came in Turbat, she asked her teachers that which subjects should she select?
Most of her teachers suggested her that take those subjects in which you are interested in. So, she was interested in arts but at last, she selected science subjects because her friends forced her to take admission in the same field. Sidra regularly went to college and took the periods but, unfortunately, she did not get anything, because all subjects were in English and she didn’t get what she wanted. But after some days, her Biology teacher madam Nazish suggested her to change the subjects. So, she changed the subjects. And she enjoyed attending the art classes and whatever her teachers taught her, she directly got them.

When a month was remaining for the annual examination so Sidar studied really hard and took the test. After some days the result was announced and it was fixed in front the principal’s office when Sidra reached near the principle’s office she saw Zakia and some of her other friends weeping. She went to them and asked the reason, they told her that they are fail in Chemistry and Physics. On the other side, some of Sidra’s chums come and congratulated her for getting the highest marks in the college. Sidra become glad and said,” when a person really desires something all the universal conspires to help that person to realize his/ her dream”.

By Gulnaz Muhammad Hanif

Balochistan Pakistan

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