A Positive Guy

A Positive Guy

As Noor was knows a great teacher in a private school but, first of all no pupil fascinated him, because he was a struck teacher in that school. On the other hand, Sajid was a very courage’s student and he discontent too, like his classmates from his teacher. But one interesting thing was that outside every student loved and fascinated sir Noor. And his students were shocked for this.

While Noor entered in the class he observed that students were not fascinating him but he didn’t demonstrate thing and said a dear students you are lucky I am your teacher.”But his students considered it as nothing. At the passage of talking he also mentioned that in this class you will be improving. Meanwhile the students considered this thing also as nothing. Student concepts were that Noor is a simple teacher and accepted that in this we will not be improve as they were victim of repining. And thought that the main thing is senior teacher not class rules and regulation.

Actually Noor was known a positive guy because everyone was impressed by his positive attitude. Every day the teacher assigned lots of homework’s. Abruptly the students seemed improvements and Noor became the best teacher of them. So, it was proved that the best things of a class are rules and regulations.

by Mehroz
Balochistan Pakistan


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