Asma Jahangir

Asma Janger

In Lahore legend lawyer  Asma Janger was a one of greatest human being on this earth. But she is no more with us and we are too much worried, regret and dolor to her. Because she was a great lawyer and human rights activist for us.She born 1952 in Lahore, as she did LLB in PU and she worked tirelessly for the nation and served the country as a responsible human being Her overall contributions need to be saluted from the deepest chamber of every Pakistani since she was just a lawyer rather she was one of the strongest supporters of human rights and women as she develops the human rights commission Pakistan and as well she received many rewards for her brilliant efforts.

Thus, when the news of the death spread all eyes became tearful All Pakistani lawyers, people and minsters are expressed deep sorrow including Prime Minister Shahid, regret to her because before some years she was an administrator of lawyers. Though today she left us but the legend woman and activist would be remember over thousands of year in Pakistani.

By Hammal khan

Balochistan , Pakistan

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