Beauty and the Beast Book Review

Beauty and the beast Book Review

This is the review of the book named “Beauty and the beast.” It is written by Madame le prince de Beaumont. She was born in Roven, France in 1711. In 1743, she married with a man his name was Beaumont. In 1746, Beaumont moved to England. There she wrote novel and short stories, in 1748 her first novel was published in France. In 1756, she wrote her ow version of “Beauty and the beast” Beaumont wrote more than seventy books. She died in 1780. She wrote this book “Beauty and the beast”.

There she is saying that, there was a girl whose name was Beauty. She was a great and a noble girl. She was having a father he was a Merchant. She was having two sisters whose names were Elise and Rene they were too heartless they were afraid of beauty. They were too rich and they were enjoying the life. A salvation came due to that they have been poor so one day a letter came. Her father shouted that again we became rich. Elise and Rene were too much happy and they said to their father that tomorrow you must go to the Lawyer and they said for many thing to their father to bring for them.

Beauty’s father asked to beauty what do you want my great daughter? Beauty said don’t want anything just bring a rose for me. Her father went to the lawyer. And he explain the all thing and the lawyer said, it is being now you are poor than before. He was too sad. He was coming to his home, he been lost in woods. He was searching the way that time he saw a castle, he went to the castle. He expended many day there, and he went to take a rose that time a beast came and the best asked that why you are taking this flower? He said for my daughter. And now you will let me to go or not? “Beauty said”. I will let you to go but your one daughter must come there.

So beauty’s father came and shared the thing to his child. Beauty decided to go to the castle. So she came to the castle. The night been Beauty slept and she dreamed in dream she saw a young man. Also she saw a leady she said “Beauty follow your heart”. At morning she got up and she was enjoying in the castle. Every evening the beast came to meet Beauty. The Beast was impress by Beauty. He said to Beauty that “Will you want marry me. She said no, again one evening beast said like this she answered no. one morning she got up and she went out she saw many beautiful birds, and also she saw the young man. Every days the best was giving new thing to beauty.

One morning she went to the garden there she saw the leady which she saw in the dream. Also she saw the young man. She saw the beast shadow in window, she had been confused. One day she went to a room. She sit on a chair she saw the beast and the young man after that she came to take her dinner meal time she said to the beast that you will let me to go to my father, beast said yeah! Beauty went to her home with her father. A weak went she didn’t went to the beast. At dream she saw that the beast is in trouble. Next day she went to the Beauty. She find the beast and she shared her love to him and they both were too much happy. Beauty saw the mother of the beast.

She been aware that the young man was beast with beast’s mother there was a fairy. The fairy was too great. Beast’s mother was a queen. The fairy said to the queen that I will marry with your son. Queen said it is impossible, the fairy said to the son. Son said yeah. Sometime he expended with her and he said, now it can’t be with me you must find someone else for you. The great fairy said, someone must marry him. Who is having a great heart. So beauty marry with him. At the time of their marriage they were too happy. And the great fairy said to Beauty’s sisters that you both must be good like your sister Beauty. Beauty said that I now my sisters will try to be good. They married they were too much happy.

I really agree her points she is giving a big message, her message that we must not marry or respect the one who is beautiful.

As it is said that: Beauty is only skin deep.

By Shari  M Assa

Balochistan, Pakistan

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