Child Labour

Child Labour

 Children are the future of any nation to lead the nation towards peace and advancement. It hearts to mentioned that children are working day and as a child labour. Recently a report was issue that in our country millions of children are forced to take up hazardous job. They are unblessed of education and they don’t have the time to play and demeanor like routinely children Is called child Labour.

Furthermore, at the age of 12 to 14 which is called to be a young age as well reading or playing time not working as a labour or working in a garage worker? In addition, child labour happens all over the Pakistan. They are working with brick kiln. This is the obligation of the child parents they should give him an admission in a school.

His future will be lockable. finally, it is a humble request to all parents that please don’t send his children for working. Please pay attention to your children. So that their future must be brighter.

By Irfan Ellahi

Balochistan, Pakistan

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