Education is the Backbone of a Nation

Education is the Backbone of a Nation

It is clear that “knowledge is power” and is the major source of bringing improvements than duly it is the backbone of a nation. No nation can’t gain promotion without being educated in society because education in the integral part of life which brings up brightness in a nation. After from this, education is the major capability of a nation means, it is truly said” the difference between an educated and uneducated is the same as dead and alive”. So, from saying it is surely appeared that being educated and gaining education is so essential for a nation because “knowledge never let you down”.

So, no nation can’t perform well without the assistance of education in society and cant deal a prosperous life present and career. And how, without being educated a nation will be considered as nothing and will keep no worth means due to illiteracy an nation will be considered as inferior than other nation and illiteracy will holds that nation backwards and that will be called an undeveloped nation.

Hence, education is the most momentous thing for a nation due to its promotion and education can be considered as the root of developed nation because education takes the nation from darkness and brings up brightness in their lives and make it capable as shining as a bright moon. Now it is absolutely appeared that if no concept of education in a nation means no concept of development, because it is impossible to choose the right path without being educated.

By Mehroz

Balochistan , Pakistan                                                                                  

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