Encounter in Pakistan

Encounter in Pakistan

The killing rate was 17. 6pc between Februarys to June 2013. In the same way after the beginning of operation in 2014, approximately, there were 186 encounters in Pakistan which took the lives of 152 people and 1932 were taken to jails. According to media reports in last year, there were 93 encounter including 110 deaths and 89 were arrested. It shows a bad consequence for the country.

The biggest example is Rao Anwar who killed innocent NaqeebUllahand no any solid action has been taken till today and the man is lost. Several innocent like NaqeebUllah were sentence to death in these encounters which is rapidly destroying the innocent lives. It shows a bad image for the country especially for the police and officers must be alert in such cases.

By Ayaz Ahmed

Balochistan Pakistan

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