Keep your dream

Keep your dream

I have a friend named by Ahmed who got first position in CSS exam, said by my class teacher, and also was talking about his target, whereas, he defined with great efforts about that man’s dream been successful by his hard work. After this, school principle enter the class with (Assalam Salam Maulakum) and start saying that there is a scholarship for those students who are interested in the math as same I had a great interest, and after he was saying that government will send them in America for reading, as if saying these words headmaster went and school bell rang all students went their homes, just I remain because my father everyday pick up me from school, but today he was not being seen, yet I was thinking that he maybe had a work, because I want to tell my father that I will join the scholarship, and I will go to America for reading by this, my father’s dream that I should go in foreign country and his dream will be complete if I pass it.

Certainly, I was waiting till an hour and after I went to home by feet when I reached there, home was locked, and I asked the neighbors that where my family went? they replied that they went to hospital, without further listening I went I to hospital where I saw my mother sitting on the chair crying, so directly with running I came near, she hugged me and I asked that what happened, but my mother didn’t said anything, after some minutes my uncle said that your father passed away.

When I heard this word I couldn’t get how it could be possible, with sorrows I said that “how it happened?” he replied that your father was accident, due to which he died. Sorrowfulness, we went to home and after two days, I thought I have to complete the dream of my father, feeling in a deep while I decided to join it, consequently I went to school and told headmaster that I will be giving the test of the scholarship. Thus, next a month my name was mentioned. And the headmaster told me to give the test. With hope I went to home and my mother prayed for me. And I have given the test. Excitedly, the result came I with two other students were selected for scholarship plan in 5 year to America.

I went there and after 7 years I got a job there and as I wished to come back and take my mother with me to America. So I came back and saw that everyone was happy and saying he is the son Mr. Kareem. With this happy life, I took my mother in America, the dream of my father was fulfilled.

BY Allahyar Muhammad Yaqoob  

Balochistan Pakistan            

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