Lord of flies Book Review

Lord of flies Book Review

Introduction of writer

William Golding was born on 19 September 1911 in saint column Minor, Cornwall England. In 1954 he published his first novel “Lord of the flies” by winning the Nobel Prize of literature in 1983. His book is banned in the American library. He wrote “Lord of the flies” because of world war two (2). Since, he was part of world war two (2), the violence and terror in the war give him a huge influence about human life and his wife encouraged him to write a novel which is similar to the book he read to his beloved sons and in the end he died. His most successful novel was “Rites of Passage”. He wrote 34 books and he died on 19 June 1993 due to heart attack in perranarworthal Cornwall.

About the book

This novel or the book is written by a great writer William Golding and it is a very interesting book and this book is written due to world war two (2) and this book is written in a phenomenal way. That everybody can understand it easily. This book is consist of 223 pages and it got published in 1954 and this book is having 12 interesting chapters.


 This is the review of novel “Lord of the flies”. It is having many character but the main, are Ralph, Piggy and Jack. At first, there was school boy who was handsome and he pick up his way towards lagnoon. On the way a sound came and said “wait a minute”. This sound came again and again but still he didn’t stop. When he looked at back so he got a partner who was too much fat but shorter than the handsome boy. He asked the handsome boy what is your name? He answered Ralph. The fat boy was suffering from asthma and was wearing specs as well. They talked but the continued their destination. Towards lagnoon. Suddenly they stopped through the branches. Ralph jumped down from the terrace but the fat boy lowered himself over the terrace and sat down. Then Ralph told him what the school boys called you, he replied “Piggy”. Then he laughed terribly piggy, piggy. Piggy became annoyed and said, “You must not tell others”.

Then they went at the edge of the platform and looked at the water. Ralph started swimming in the warm water but piggy couldn’t. When he saw Ralph so he took out his shoes and socks and tiptoed down the water which was too much hot. Ralph told that my daddy thought me when I was and he asked piggy what is your father then suddenly he replied my mom and dad are died but I used to live whit my auntie. Piggy persisted this is an island, isn’t it? Then Ralph came out of water and sat on the platform. While they were talking and smiling so a creamy thing among the weeds fall and they thought it is a stone but it was a shell.

Then Ralph became excited and said shell can’t be touched then piggy told we use it as a conch and call the others. Then Ralph took the conch and engaged it with his lips and start talking so someone came and they asked what is your name? He neglected Johny and after him much boys appeared. The pair of bodies who were identical twins did everything together whose names were Sam, Eric. A meeting held between them so, someone asked whether there are grown – ups? They made Ralph their chief and they wanted to be rescued. Then three boys Ralph, Piggy and Simon move further and wanted to go at the end of the island.

They were hungry and wanted to hunt. The boys were uninhabited. By the time, they decided to make rules, Piggy told that nobody knows where were we are right now. They went on the top of the mountain. Suddenly Jack saw a Beastie and shouted for it. Ralph exclaimed that on Island you never get a beastie. They climbed on the mountain but thinking about being rescued. Ralph said that if a ship comes near the island they may not notice us so we must make smoke and a fire on the top of the mountain. This time they were deciding to build up the fire so samneric   found a big log but they couldn’t do anything till Ralph, Simon, Jack, Roger and Maurice found a place. There they didn’t get a matches and used piggy’s glasses for making fire. Then Ralph shouted for more woods and they wanted special people to look after the smoke.

The smoke raised and festooned the dead or dying trees. They now wanted to hunt but this time Ralph was standing on the trunks of palm trees. Ralph was wanting water because he was thirsty but water was not present so he took a coconut, drunk its water. There were two shelter one was ruin and they were making it fine. They wanted meat because they were hungry. The boys were frightened as well. Ralph said it is not a good island. Then jack said the main thing is to be rescued and you are all the time discussing about pig. They left the shelter and went to the bathing pool.

Simon was not with them and Simon found some fruits to make the tittle of littleness. They ate fruits and sometimes they cried for their mothers as well. And from them a bit adult was Henry. Roger and Maurice left the island while this time the littlans were playing. When Henry stop playing and he went on the shade because he was too young to keep himself out of the sun. Roger went behind him and threw a stone on him but it directly went in the water. Henry become surprise but later on he knew that someone is teasing him. Jack made his face white and red then everybody laughed at him. But this time piggy was thinking about a clock. Ralph said that much metals are needed for making it. You should leave this, by clock we will not be rescued. But suddenly ralph shouted smoke, smoke.

Piggy said I am not seeing any smoke. Someone said where is the ship. He said there isn’t any but when they will see the smoke so they will come. This time the words of the chant floated that “Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood”. They said so because jack kill a pig and cut off its throat. They were excited to go for hunting everyday but Ralph was the chief so he didn’t allow them because he said we are hawing much works and we have to make huts but at last the pig ran off and someone shouted “Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Bash her in”. They held an assembly and the assembly place was a triangle but all the boys were waiting beside beach and Ralph sit on the chief seat because he was the chief.

He said we have not held the assembly just for talking, laughing or etc. Their aim was to talk about the fire and be rescued. When at night the boys were sleeping so someone from the shelter saw a dream about the b beast and wake up and said you all have to be frightened of the beast. Then suddenly someone exclaimed that it is a very small island in this island except pig nothing his found and we have not to be frightened. All of them were not believing on beasts or ghosts. Then they all sit together so jack took the conch and exclaimed that we will hunt the beast if we see it.

Ralph said you are breaking the rule, as I am the chief you have to go according to me. But jack was not agreeing and he was still talking about the beast. The light was left then Percival fell down so ralph and Simon picked him up and took him to the shelter. After that all of them were sleeping so the twins came and said wake up ralph we saw the beast now. They said it followed us but we ran fast and this time we were asleep. So, they all decided to go away and they left piggy to look after the littluns and piggy was afraid because in dark he couldn’t see anything.

While all of the boys were waiting and Ralph went on other side and they said don’t go may be the beast is there but still he went and he explore smoke and this time they have forgotten the beast as well. While they were on the top of the mountain. Ralph passed a message forward to jack and when they came near to the fruits the whole party stopped and ate fruits. But Maurice hit a boar and said that I have hit the beast. Maurice suggested them that before night we have to go to piggy, and burn the fire on the mountain. There of the boys climb the mountain to look up the beast. But they couldn’t find the beast so they saw a frog. Now they were not having signal without fire and they couldn’t be rescued as well without fire. Jack called an assembly because of many things but especially for the beast.

This time Ralph was frustrated so he shouted that let jack to talk because he is the chief I am not so, Jack became angry and said I will not be in your party because you know how to hunt pigs. But the other call Jack and he had not given response to them and Ralph told that before the dark he will come back and we can do everything without him. And they said the main thing is fire and we are having that but Ralph said still we are not having a proper fire so, we will built the fire again.

Then they build the fire between the platform and bathing pool. Then the littluns became too much happy and excited, they clap and dance but when the fire died so, they stopped and Ralph decided to make a list that the boys should be looking after the fire but this time Simon was not with them because he went on the mountain and there he saw Jack with a group of boys who was too much happy with them and he was the chief and were deciding to go for hunting. So, they hunted a pig, cut the pig throat and threw it for the best.

They were not having the fire to feast the pig than they wanted to stole Ralph’s to fire but Simon was still on his place, when he opened his eyes so a black blob of fires buzz there and later on the found Simon. In front of Simon, the lord of flies hung on his stick and grinned. So Simon complete face was bloody. Ralph and piggy were sitting near the beach so Jack Roger and Maurice came and said to them we have killed a pig and tonight we will feast it but you all are invited. Then Ralph and piggy start talking that we thought maybe they came to stole our fire. Lord of flies told Simon that you are a little silly boy and what are you doing here alone and I am the beast.

Lord of flies warned Simon that you must not escape from us. Simon was inside the mouth and he fell down and lost consciousness. Simon walked further but his feet’s were not helping him to move and he walked like an old man. Jack meat party got start, everyone was enjoying, but from Ralph’s group Samneric and Bill went there. Jack asked Ralph and piggy who will join my tribe, no one was willing to join so at last the rain occurred and Simon dead body moved out forward the open sea. From Jack’s tribe Roger, Jack and Maurice went at night for hunting but they went in Ralph’s shelter and attack on them just for the fire but Ralph’s all members were bringing wood to raise the fire so that it should produce smoke. Ralph knew that Jack with his partner came to steal our fire.

He said if you would have ask us so we would have given you. And you stole it and the signal is out so we will not be rescued. Actually the tribe was found at castle Rock. Ralph with his tribe went to Jack to back piggy’s specs and our fire but they refused to give their equipment’s. Piggy was blind he couldn’t see then a sharp rock struck piggy and at the same time piggy died as well. Ralph climbed on the tree and picked some fruits so again he went to the castle rock there he saw Samneric who told him to go from here because Jack and roger decided to kill you so Ralph suddenly went and on the way many cries noises were coming to ralph so he was fearful and he ran fast so at last he came near the beach where an officer saw him and hold his hand said that we have saw your smoke and we thought there was a war and how many of you are we will take you and how many are dead? Ralph replied, I dunno how many we are from us two died.

He said you are British boys, aren’t you? Ralph said, “Yes”. After that Ralph wept terribly for his beloved friend piggy and put his head on the officer shoulder. I thanks the writer because he wrote a very wonderful novel for our knowledge. He was a very sincere writer, in his writing everything was managed. I agree with writer that at the time of World War 2 everything was likewise. Finally, I want to close it up by recommending the upcoming writers that they should be also preparing such fabulous books that the reader should be impressed by this thoughts or views.


The central concern of lord of the flies is the conflict between to parties that exist within all human beings. Their desire is to live by rules, peacefully, follow the orders and to act violently to obtain supremacy. And to help other by showing instinct love.

By Shamsa Azem

Balochistan Pakistan

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