Ozone depletion and Effect

Ozone depletion and Effect

It is fact that ozone is one of the protective gas or layers of the earth. It’s the copycat of oxygen and parents the earth from the harmful or clots vident rays of the sun. in 1970 the scientist have investigated the in this protective layer one hole have been produces which responsible is CFCS gas. Which is releaed from Air conditioner, refrigerator and sprays? CFCS gas the is compound of chlorine, fluorine and carbon.

One atom so CFCS gas can destroy 1000 atoms of ozone and 1 molecule of CFCS gas destroy 1 lakh molecules of ozone. But for tunately this hole is in side of Antarctica and also here possibility is there.

If these would not be any control over the gas then there would not be any life on the earth. so government should take a solid step to control over its gas in place of it cold gases should be uses.

by Hina
Balochistan, Pakistan
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