Preparedness for Disaster

Preparedness for Disaster

According to the dictationary, the word disaster means a mammoth event that brings catastrophic devastation and destruction to people and most importantly to the land and places. It occurs owing to the geographical location or the rotation or movement of the earth. There are two sort of disaster.

He first is national disaster which includes tsunami, cyclones, balconies, earth equates, floods and etc. second is the artificial disaster which includes nuclear accidents and wars. Most importantly, disaster is a great lasso for the people, so, for minimizing the losses of the disaster great reparation is needed for it.

As, Allah the Almighty is given intelligence to the man, and the man has utilize this precious gift by inventing many instruments which forecast and teals about the upcoming disaster. Thus, the preparedness of disaster can be done by utilizing great resources.

By Murwarid Haider
Balochistan, Pakistan
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