Principal in Peshawar inducted for child abuse pornography

Principal in Peshawar inducted for child abuse pornography

In Peshawar private school’s principal on charging the child abuse rape, blackmail, pornography and illicit. The principal of Peshawar private school bespeak the children students to do such wrong acts. They exploiting school children, including girls and filming the students by secret cameras installed on campus.

Students aged below 18 years engage in sexual activities and they exposed their bodies. Principal, women and others of different to have illicit relations with him inside the school. Principal shows sexual videos from the students. Students did complain this principal to the police but police didn’t action to him.

The government of Pakistan take action in there and also arrest the principal of this school. This time is there just for by the students no such wrong activities. Government of Pakistan soon solve the problem.
By Hammal khan
Balochistan Pakistan

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