Sectarian violence

Sectarian violence

From past till today our battle has always been against extremism and militancy. But it won’t be won until those involved in hate speech and investigating communal conflicts are prosecuted and punished. In Pakistan there are many villages and cities where sectarian violence is higher than usual limit. One of such area is domain which is a village of Chakwal that is a danger for a long time, in 2016 during a communal riot a criminal descended on an Ahmed. Place of worship.

In this melee two deaths occurred. Not only in Chakwal but also sectarian violence has been witness in Rawalpindi on ashore and a lot of such rural areas. However, while coverage of the attacks may have been stabbed the state should under no circumstance brush this shameful accidents under the carpet. And in particular, the media needs to expose the criminal behind such communal violence in order to inform the public as well to put pressure on the state action against hate, mongers. And a full investigation should be conducted and those responsible for investigating violence as well as those who participated in the attack, must face justice.

By Zohra Ali Jan

Balochistan Pakistan

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