Self help is best help

Self help is best help

Once upon a time, there lived an honest cart driver namely Dad Mohammad. He had faith in God and prayed to Him every day. The cart driver always cut the grass and put on the cart for selling to the costumers. This was the small business of him. One day the sky was full of rainy cloud which rained quick manner till earth became too much wet. After raining, Dad Mohammad took his cart and start riding towards farm where he cut grass.

Unfortunately, the earth was too wet and his cart’s wheel got stuck in the mud. He called for help, but unluckily in this weather no one was being seen to help him. After some minutes he sat on a big stone and start praying loudly.” Oh God! Please help me.” God did not answer. Dad Mohammad looking at the sky, even more loudly.” God aren’t you listening, please help me.” God liked the cart driver a lot that’s why suddenly sound came from sky,” put your shoulders to the wheels and never pray to me for help until you have done your best to help yourself.”

After listening this cart driver did his best to took out the cart from mud and he succeeded. We should also try to solve our problems on our own selves. This way we become independent and brave.

By Waseem Murad
Balochistan Pakistan

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