Selfish Friend

Selfish Friend

In a small village there lived two bosom friends namely Ahmed and Mohammed. They always found together,  but their works were different. Ahmed was a woodcutter and Mohammed was a photographer. Ahmed used to cut wood in near jungle. One day Ahmed told to Mohammed, “come with me and there you should catch pictures where nature looks beautiful. He agreed and both walked towards jungle when they reached to it, then all of a sudden they heard some noise. With fearful Mohammed said,” what’s that noise Ahmed?” He replied, this sounds look like tiger.

They looked towards the direction from where the noise was coming. They saw a tiger coming. Ahmed hurriedly said,” Mohammed the tiger is coming towards us. Climb the tree fast because the tiger does not know how to climb a tree. Mohammed said I don’t know how to climb a tree. And Ahmed started climbing the tree. Mohammed continuously said please help me, but Ahmed could not replied. While Mohammed was pleading like this, the tiger came nearer to the tree. Oh my God! What should I do now?  The tiger is coming near me. All of sudden he remembered what his father said once time to him.  And directly he laid himself on the earth and acted as if he was dead.  The tiger came near and smell him and went round and round.

It sniffed against his face, and then the tiger had back to another side of jungle. Ahmed was watching all this, climbed down the tree and came near his friend. Mohammed get up, the tiger has left. He got up and Ahmed asked to Mohammed, ” I could see the tiger telling something in your ears. What did it say? ” Ahmed answered; it said that a friend who does not stand by you in times of need is not at all a friend. Ahmed bowed his head out of shame. Mohammed alone back to his home.

By Waseem Murad 
Balochistan , Pakistan

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