Sajida and Hamida were two sisters. Sajida was younger and a was elder. Their parents were facing trouble for their marriage because everyone sends their alliance for Sajida but for Hamida not it all. Sajida was beautiful and also she was well aware that how to look beautiful. Hamida was simple. She was not attractive. Sajida was sharp and she use to take part in dramas also her sound were melodus. Sajida and Hamida use to go college together and due to Sajida’s attraction Hamida were no lifted. When their college got finished their parents were thinking to marry them. There were several relations for Sajida but Hamida was elder their parents want to marry her before Sajida.

During these situations Sajida started her love with a boy who was infatuated before on her. The boy was from a rich family who has done his M.A (Master of Arts) and about to go in America for further education. His parents wanted that he should marry and have his wife with him to America. Hamida knew that the boy named “Hamid” loves a lot with her sister (Sajida). One day Sajida show a letter to her sister which was gaven by Hamid then her sister became upset because no-one was infatuated of her. She read each word again and again she felt that needles are penetrating in her heart also she felt strange test but she sold her sister” Didn’t you feel shay for sending letters to a strange man.” Said by Hamida. “sister………… what’s wrong in it?” replied by Sajida. “Wrong…………! Its out and out wrong. The one who belongs to gentle home they never do such absurd actions……… Do you love with Hamida.

“Yes” Sajida replied.

“Curse on you” said by Hamida. Sajida became emotional “Look my sister don’t send curse on me……. love is not a crime. Hamida shouted “love…love….love….. at least what is the jargonal” Hamida couldn’t understand that what she say hence she became emotional and she bit her sister ltern both started fighting with each other.

They fought with each other within a long period. Hamida was blaming that with a known man she had loved. Sajida was saying to her that she is burning no-one doesn’t look on her. Hamida was stronger than her younger sister without this she was emotional but due to this more courage were present in her. She bit Sajida a lot. She caught Sajida’s hair vibrate and also went in her room and start crying. Sajida didn’t say anything about this action in her home. Hamida cried till evening. Several ideas came in her mind. She was ashamed that no-one love with her. She bath her sister who is very soft. She went to Sajida’s room knocked the door and said “Sajida ! “

Sajida didn’t answer. Hamida knocked loudly and said with weeping sound “Saji ! I came here for apologizing…….. For God sack open the door. Hamida was standing in15 minutes on her doorstep with tearful eyes. She believed that her sister will open the door. At last door opened Sajida came out and haged her. “Why sister………….. Why are you crying? Said by Sajida. Tears were coming out from Hamida’s eyes. “I regret I fought with you without any reason.” “Sister i am very much ashamed that i told such words about you which i must not said. Said by Sajida.

Hamida replied. “You did right Sajida i know that my face and beauty has no attraction ……… God maintain your beauty. “Definitely……… sister i am not beautiful if there is any beauty in me i pray God should remove it……… I am your sister if you order me i am ready to throw acid on my face. Sajida said.

“How much useless words are you saying? Does Hamid accept you with ugly face?” Hamida said. Sajida replied “I believe “

“About what” said by Hamida.

“He loves me that much If i die he will be ready to marry with my death body” said by Sajida with proud. Hamida replied “It is merely a jargonal.”

“Might be but i believe ………. you have been reading his all letters……….. Don’t you know what he expect on me? ” Sajida said.

Saji….! By saying this word Hamida stopped after 15 seconds she said with vibratory sound “I don’t know what he expect on you? and soon she start crying. Her small sister Sajida hanged her and said ” Sister ……. if you want my life can improve.”

“How..?” Hamida said. ” I love Hamid too much ……. I promised him that if I marry I will marry with you.”

What do u want from me ?” Hamida said. ” I want that you should help me about this affair if any message comes from Hamid’s home you should do something because mom and dad accept your words ” Sajida requested to Hamida.

“Insha-Allah I will not make you upset,” Hamida said. Sajida got married but their parents wanted that Hamida’s marriage should be done at first… they were compel what should they do..? Sajida was happy in her home. She wrote a letter to her sister on second day of marriage in which words were like so, “I am very much happy…….. Hamid loves me a lot …. sister love is a strange thing. I am very much cheerful i feel that i now i have gotten the right purpose of life , God make you cheerful too, Sajida wrote these words. Without this many words were there in that letter which a sister can write to her sister. Hamida read the letter and cried a lot. She felt that Sajida’s words are hammers which are chopping her heart. After this many letters came to her which were like knives and was hitting her heart. She cried when she achieved her sister’s letters.

She tried a lot that someone should be attract by her but she became never successful. An old man came to her who wants to marry with Hamida but she left him. The boy was very ugly. After two years she received her sister’s letter that her sister and her husband both are coming. They came and Hamida welcomed them. Sajida’s husband wants to stay a week due to his business. Sajida’s elder sister became very much happy while she met her sister and she show good behavior and they became impressed by Hamida. Hamida was alone her parents had gone to Sargodha for a work. The season was summer Hamida told to her servant that they should manage their beds in yard and fix a fan.

These all were done…….. Sajida went up side of house she took much time. Hamid’s eyes were full of sleep. He woke up and went to Hamida and laid with her but he couldn’t understand that where is he sleeping and with whom is he sleeping ? At the beginning he felt somehow strange but he didn’t realize why is he feeling strange? But at last he became ok. Sajida came down from upside and she saw that Hamida and Hamid both are sleeping together. At morning time Hamida and Sajida fought with each other also Hamid was involved with them. Hamid became emotional and said “your sister is my sister why are you suspected on me ” second day Hamid devised his wife and after two or three months he married with Hamida ………. he said with his friend who had objection about this “It is impossible that beauty has perfect behavior……. There is always perfect in ugliness”.

Translated by Azhar Altaf Urdu to English.

By Sadath Hussain

Balochistan Pakistan

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