Unemployment in Balochistan

Unemployment in Balochistan

Unemployment means the state of not having jobs but It is a fact that Balochistan is considered the list of derivable province and educated people are being ignored their fundamental amenities which is beneficial for the people. We can find countless people who have abstracted education but shockingly they are suffering without any job. Most of people who are compelled to deeds differentiate activities which are unspeakable to share in front of them.

However, in Balochistan which is wealthiest province from natural resources but it is not being sustained with the people. Due to this most of people who are being victimized of deaths in each year. Numerous educated people have been migrating one places to another to get works and bring some money to stop their children’s mouth. Among of these some of them who are going other countries for work. But it is misfortune that in our motherland which is full of jobs but it is useless because these jobs are not being rendered with people due to this unemployment are boosting in the province.

Moreover, it is matter that the member of province who are busy with corruption because if a person who paid some money then it is triumph with him that he has gotten a job but remaining poor who don’t have afford to give money for a job. It is apprehensive with poor how they will survive their lives in this entire universal without having money or job. It is our eyes witness that other countries which are developing because their public is satisfied with the their lives. Unlucky, our beautiful province which is suffering unemployment and people are being disheartened to capture education.

Furthermore, the population of our country is increasing at an alarming rate. The population of country is out of control. People are fighting very hard against hunger and poverty. Due to poverty uncountable people were lost their treasure lives. Every countries can accomplish when their necessitarianism would be strong. The people have to suffer lots but still it is covering place every rapidly. People are being unaware about education significant.

Meanwhile, if our adults will be jobless then who will be the owner of their motherland because our youths who are owners of their motherland. Due to lack of jobs neither people have to interest to figure out education it was quoted that” Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Indeed, education has the power itself and which can help us everywhere without education we are like a tree no leaves.

Thus, the government must give jobs with everyone and they must be acknowledged education sector and their coming generation must be educate in a good method as soon as immediately.

By Chakar Shahdad

Balochistan Pakistan

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