Value of Time

Value of Time

Time is a following river. The water inside is always moving for their and not waiting and Planning to move bade where it had begun. Time is the water inside a river and human are the stones under it. The water we touch before several seconds lriver will never turn back to meet us. We as stone in river benefit from the Passing water and clean ourselves or allow the Dort remain over us. Whether we would strive to move ahead or remain at the spot. The chance of which Time is providing us will never get back since t5he water or time has to move as habitually.

Time can be my best friend. If I burn myself to be blow off after my time I have today will benefit mw now and in future, if I begin to make it the best friend of mine. Take an example of Preparation one prepare to succeed, tell decades he makes himself industrious after when the day comes he jumps in the bath top of prosperity. According to Anonymous “On the journey to life’s highway, keep your eyes upon the goal. Focus on the don’t upon the hole, he suggests us to concentrate on your fruit which you would obtain after achieving your goal not on the mammoths who prevent us. If I value the time now a day may come time might aid me.

Sometimes I ponder that I would have seen the same day of my childhood’s wish I were a child again unfortunately the low of nature would get distribute and time never turns back everyone regret when opportunity is missed, this can control with performing positive act in present that would forbid us to regret in future. We should get busy in relevant action as they could bring luxury for us. I hope we ought to value the time otherwise time would defeat us.

By Khudadad Nizar

Balochistan, Pakistan 

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