Wisdom of King

Wisdom of King

In notion time Afghanistan was a peaceful country. The capital of Afghanistan is Kabul was the heart a please for export. That time people go to Kabul for searching work. Once two brothers went to Kabul for working. They started selling meat two brothers were happy with their work one year they earn 5000 rupees five thousand rupees were many for them. They decided to go their own country they take money and arrived to their country. Doing the journey they met with a bigger who was standing on the road corner and saying had words to leak.

He was wishing that someone should give his many coins his hand could feel the happiness of being rich, two brothers were shocked to listen the words of bigger and they went near the bigger. Hey! Brother! We listened your words we are surprised, we don’t know what you need. Near, what should I say”, also I was rich but time went I become poor and also my eyes slight went. If I will not cores my lack what I should do. Two brother were very soft hearted they decided to give the coins to him to some virtue.

They said to bigger. Baba” we have just 5000 rupees for some minutes you should talk these money to feel happy-Bigger look the coin and feel happy. After some minutes two brothers to bigger. Baba our decision has so for so give the coins we will go now. The baggers said, whose coins, they said Baba be serious we are being late give our coins saying this one brother was more to take the money but bigger stereo shouting. Sari me, save me tap are stating my coins some people came to save the bigger.

Two brothers said these were ours coins but no one listened their words. They took two brothers and bigger to king his name was king of Afghanistan. The king listened all things and decided some time all bring baled water. They want belled the king ordered to put the coins into hot water. After some minutes the king come down from his bed he saw the water and again he went to bed sit there and ordered to arrest the bigger. Two brothers look the coins from the water and they pray for the king and came out from the placeless. But all people were shocked that how king decided that who saying truth they asked to is asked to king.

The king smiled and said” I wanted to see the oil into water I saw it. Because two brothers said they sold meat and earn rupees.

By Sadaf Akhtar

Balochistan, Pakistan

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