Your Motivation from other Success

Your Motivation from other Success

Long  ago there two beloved friend in a Major city of Pakistan. Pair was a childhood bond and also both of them had been classmates from nursery to secondary. Just few month ago they have Passed Primary. This is the interval of everyone life while getting initiatively mature, and couple known as Ali and Kamran also were getting their sense, ego, conscience and knowing their individual existing identity.

Ali was industrious boy and always lazy by teacher in school since he has been obtaining top position in institute. But Kamran did not understand his friend. In class result always Kamran layed behind Ali’s, in spite of inspecting all this, yet Ali’s friends wasn’t inspired. After first term examination Kamran get the fact and begin to strive against the boy who was phrased by majority.

Once at mid night Kamran commenced pondering the technique of surpassing Ali. Same night boy stood up from his bed and began his journey by taking of the school bag from shelf. Despite not sleeping the wasn’t sleepy at class for his interest had wake up. Just by looking and judging Ali and overall classmates with full concentration he deliberately motivated himself as observant of other.

At that night something strange occurred, Kamran was totally burning from Ali’s success and raising question on himself that “why am I not top in school” and many other queries on his ego. This fire motivated the boy who was once behind Ali. Successfully Kamran achieved the top Position in school in second terms examination.

By Khudadad Nizar  

Balochistan, Pakistan

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