Zulfukar Ali Khan should be back

Zulfukar Ali Khan should be back

A Pakistani man named Zulfukar Ali Khan who was arrested by Indones and reachedian president by doing illegal works. He sold drugs there. Now he suffering from cancer disease. He was reached on the last stage of his life. And admitted on Indonesian hospital. While this news spread and reached to his family members then they become too worried about their beloved son and wept a lot.

Further, they are appealing to the president to send their son back, because in front of them their son facing such situation and no one is ready to help him. Likewise, today’s conference in Pakistan Indonesian’s president himself addressed that there is good relation between Pakistan and Indonesia. And it is the most Muslims populated country. So here he should take action. And should send their son back and feel pity on them. I am appealing to the government of Pakistan to take action against so many parents will lose their beloved son likewise.

By Sammi Murad Baksh
Balochistan , Pakistan 
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