Begging business in Balochistan

Begging business in Balochistan

Begging is a major problem in all over in Pakistan. Now days the population is increasing in many famous cities of Pakistan, especially in the province of Balochistan. According to reports, Balochistan is the only province where beggars will not get less than 10 rupees from each person, but other province they would get not just  less rather they are twice arrested to not beg. Moreover, Baluchistan’s each cities are now covered by beggars and also they are being brought from other provinces by some contractors.

They are usually in the support obusinessmenen. However, these beggars are as well kids, blameless female who are sometime being abused by these contractors and other common adult people. The small cute faces look tired in begging and always their eyes are watchful that when their time will come where they can go to school rather than markets for begging. It is humble request to the Government of Balochistan to thing about these kids and make some laws against of such contractors.

By GM.Baloch

Balochistan, Pakistan

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