Do Good Have Good

 Do Good Have Good

Naseem was the obedient child of his parents. He was elder than his siblings expect Amir who was the eldest brother. Naseem was ten years old, he was in class 8th. He was a good student besides, a respected and hard worker students of is classmates. He was generous always helped his class fellows. Not only he served time for study but also he assisted financially to those who were needy and poor, didn’t afford to buy study materials. Even though he usually brought his friends lunch and dinner.

In the same way, for the celebration of his 9th anniversary, he invited his whole friends including classmates and teachers to join the party, certainly, the whole were present in the excited moment. Naseem was so happy seeing his respect able teachers and humble friends and welcome them with saying, “I am extremely happy seeing you in my birthday party”. He thanked them. “I am thankful to you all that you have existed your presence here. They might went long by enjoying with each other, talking eating and the big singers played their role making the might enjoyable.

After all, they cut the cake and shouted for Naseem, “Happy birthday to you”. And then departed. When Naseem got up in next morning, he felt tired but still he prepared himself and went school for attending the class. The English teacher inquired Naseem to collect the home works. Being a CR (Class re-presenter) Naseem stood up, started collecting them. He collected some note books but he went to Ahmed, he refused to give homework. Not giving the assignments Naseem told the teacher that Sir! Ahmed did not do his homework”.

While telling the teacher about him, Ahmed slap the Naseem’s face and left the classroom. Naseem did nothing and become silent. It was not the first time that Naseem had a quarried with Ahmed but also he was beaten, scolded many times by Ahmed as well as other friends. Later two days of the quarrel Naseem noticed that Ahmed is not being seemed in the class. So, he asked to his friends about him than he became aware that Ahmed is ill. At the evening, Naseem bought some fruits and made a gift, while entering in the compound, Ahmed saw him felt ashamed and down his hand.

They hugged each other and Ahmed apologized and promised not to bother anyone. Naseem became so excited and told him to study with each other. Once again they hugged each other. Therefore, being a human one needs to help someone else those who needed. Likewise, Mohammad (Peace be upon him is the big example for the entire world who left his own life behind and become helpful for other in his complete life. Even though, they were ignorant and also non- Muslims besides, they punished him as animal but he forgave whole and they whole became his life partner. Whatever one does return home same. That’s why it is said “do good have well”.

By Hafeezullah Fateh

Balochistan, Pakistan 

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