Girls are Not Inferior Than Boys

Girls are Not Inferior Than Boys

This was the greatest competition which was drawing competition which took place between girls and boys. First of all the audience were considering the girls as nothing and that girls are ultimately inferior to boys. Audience concepts were that girls have no such great skill, unique abilities and remarkable confidence as boys.

So, this was the reason that girls couldn’t gain such a great status as boys. The boys were greatly appreciated by the audience and they felt pride on themselves and weren’t serious. But girls didn’t give up their courage’s and took the competition seriously.

While the competition day arrived the audience was motivating the boys saying “boys, boys, boys” inform of the girls and they were so excited before the beginning of the competition.

Actually, this was the first ever drawing competition in that institution between boys and girls. Later, the competition got started and everyone was busy with his and her struggles. There the competition appeared that boys and girls were wonders fully drawing such remarkable pictures for overcoming each other. And in girls minds, only success was the aim of them and they were self-committed.

Next day arrived and that day was the results day and boys and girls were merged for waiting for the results when results got announced in that moments because boys were overcome by the girls. So, this was proved that girls are not inferior to boys and girls can perform better than boys. The best student was from the girls who were Hina.

In that moment girls were so blissful for their unique performance and their achievement. On the other hand, boys were ultimately repented the cause of their prides and due to their negative concepts.

It was proved that this is the negative concept of negative individuals who consider the girls as inferior than boys. Actually, the picture of Hina was about the status of a woman and all unique picture and Hina become the best.

This thing demonstrates that positive minds keep “positive concepts and negative minds keep negative concepts”.

By Mehroz Ahmed

Balochistan, Pakistan

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