Hospital crisis in Bolan

Hospital crisis in Bolan

It is too much sad to pin down that a division of in Balochistan is being dark due to less facilities of hospital. It is really shocking to see that in Bolan just one hospital is being seen. But this one is also can’t be consider a hospital. Since there are no any good facilities for people that they should treat themselves. Even, this hospital is based on three beds and other just machines are not available.

Due to this crisis many children babies and other people are dying and getting various kind of disease. Apart from this, other people come to this hospital for treatment but unfortunately, they became disappointed to see the condition to it and without treatment they went. Moreover, also sometimes such incidents got occurred that they brought the patient in this hospital but unlikely due to fewer facilities some of them saw the face of death.

Really, as if Govt is not present in our state that certain things are being in such divisions. As a state leads it is the work of all that they should aid them or provide them enough facilities that they must b3e petty in their lives.

By Sanagul Noor

Balochistan Pakistan

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