Humanity is Lost

Humanity is Lost

Today’s the human being are divided into religions Muslims, Buddhists, assai and Hindus. In fact, humanity is lost in existence world. The innocent intimates are being killed as well women are being raped and children are compelled to do laboury because lack of humanity. Every ones lives are unsecure to live securely. We guess how to behave with other citizens who have different faiths. But the enemy is one who hurt us either not everyone living enemy’s country is hurting the civilized people.

Even though, each person’s lives are in risk due to suicide blast kidnapping in the name of regions. We haven’t saw any humanity in our society. Who just think upon of themselves not others? According to an author “live for others, work for others, be happy for others and even though die for others” as the same way, we are not willing to aid the poor’s people though who have humanity they have been neglected from the society.

Rather they considers themselves as bling who are just searching of their own way then how they can bring humanity. We won’t be able to bring humanity in our society until we change ourselves towards humanity. There are less civilized people who help others without seeing their religion and race.

Humanity guides us to burn the candle in gloomy night as well shows the real picture of life. Hence, we all should be humanity civilized society if we don’t act on it, the upcoming generation will be darkness as toady we are.

By Nisar Ahmed

Balochistan, Pakistan

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