Pasni Needs Girls College

Pasni needs girls college.
Its really hard to mention that a well populated city of Balochistan is lacking girls college.  These had been the discourse of 19th century that men and women should work shoulder by shoulder to make one nation successfully emerge in the map of the world but still in the 21st century there is  still inequality, unfairness where I have to write about the women’s right that’s what makes my tears to enroll from my cheeks.
Due to lack of girls college in Pasni, Pasni is giving birth to illiteracy, unemployment, ignorance, and ignorant  In a nutshell I want to request the government of Balochistan to provide the people of Pasni with education and provide them girls college. This will be a great source of joy and vanishment of darkness.

By Salman GR

Islamabad , Pakistan

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